Complaint Policy


The Minnesota Certification Board (referred to herein as MCB) is a non-profit agency dedicated to protecting the citizens of Minnesota by ensuring that certified professionals working in a wide range of professions are providing safe and competent services to the public.  The MCB is a member Board of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). 

Complaint Process

All information received and decisions made will be kept confidential within the MCB Board of Directors and staff unless noted by the Board.  The respondent will receive a copy of the complaint. 

Complaints must be submitted in writing utilizing the MCB Complaint Form and must include all of the information requested.  Complaints must be submitted within four years of the date of the alleged offense. 

Supporting Documentation

If applicable, the complainant is required to submit a copy of any disciplinary action taken.  MCB will not accept facetime screen prints, or text exchanges as supporting documents.

Investigation Process

Upon receiving the complaint, it will be sent to the Board’s Ethics Committee for review.  Following an initial review of the information, the Ethic’s Committee will determine if an investigation is warranted or if no further action is needed.  If no further action is needed, a letter will be sent to the complainant by the Chief Operating Officer.  If additional investigation is warranted, a letter will be sent to the respondent which will include a copy of the complaint information. The respondent will be required to submit a response in writing to the MCB within 30 days.  They shall disclose all facts pertaining to the alleged misconduct. 

Failure to cooperate with the investigation, including misrepresentation by the respondent or failure to provide information shall be grounds for disciplinary action by the Board.  Upon receipt of the response from the respondent, the Ethic’s Committee shall review all relevant information to determine recommendations. A letter will be sent to the respondent with recommendations within 45 days.  Recommendations may include revocation of certification, imposition of sanction or to convene a hearing.  This decision will be determined by majority vote.  If a sanction is determined, a letter will be sent to the respondent with determination.  If the respondent accepts the response, they will sign a voluntary acceptance of the sanction and return to MCB within 10 days.  If they do not agree with the decision, they can begin the appeal process. 

Appeal Process

Respondent may appeal a decision to the Board’s Ethics Committee.  This must be done in writing.  Respondent must submit a letter to the Board within 30 days of the original determination of the Board.  The Board will follow up with respondent within 60 days of receipt of the appeal.  This follow up will include a decision from the Board.  It may include upholding the previous determination, implementing a different sanction, revocation of certification or convening a hearing. 

Hearing Process

A hearing may be called by the Board in cases where there is need to seek additional information regarding details of the case.  This may take place at any point in the complaint process described above.  A respondent may also request a hearing if the appeal process has been exhausted.  The request must be made in writing to the Board.  If requested, the hearing will take place within 60 days of the date received.  The Board may determine that the respondent and/or complainant may be required to attend that hearing.  In cases where any party (respondent or complainant) does not attend the hearing, it will be deemed as a waiver of their right to a hearing.  Following completion of the hearing, a certified letter will be mailed to the respondent within thirty (30) business days.  If a hearing is requested after the appeal process, any decision by the Board following that hearing will be accepted as the final determination.

All complaints must be submitted to:

Minnesota Certification Board (MCB) Inc.
PO Box 586
Wyoming, MN 55092

Emeritus Status Policy

MCB has established an Emeritus Status to accommodate certified professionals who are retired from the work force, but wish to maintain a connection to MCB.  Approval of Emeritus Status is at the discretion of MCB.  Applicants will be notified by MCB of the approval or denial of emeritus status via email approximately 7 to 10 business s days after the request is received.

Eligibility for Emeritus Status:

  1. Certified and in good standing
  2. At least fifty-five (55) years of age
  3. Minimum of ten years of certification without lapse in certification
  4. Retiring with no intention of returning to any form of addiction-related employment

Procedure for obtaining Emeritus Status:

  1. Request Emeritus Status in writing from MCB
  2. Include documentation for eligibility with the request
  3. Pay $60.00 Emeritus Status fee every two years
  4. No continuing education is required for this status

Certified professional who are approved for Emeritus Status will receive a certificate(s) from MCB for all credentials held indicating the change to Emeritus Status on the certificate(s).

Inactive Status Policy

MCB has established an Inactive Status to allow certified professionals, who are experiencing extenuating circumstances, a means to prevent their certification from expiring.  Inactive status is for certified professional who expect to be inactive for a minimum of six months.  Inactive Status allows them to avoid the reapplication process.

Certified professionals in good standing unable to meet the continuing education requirements for recertification maintenance due to health or extenuating personal reasons may place their certificate on inactive status if they meet the requirements.  The process for reactivation from inactive status will then be followed when they wish to activate their certification.  Approval of inactive Status is at the discretion of MCB.  Applicants will be notified by MCB of the approval or denial of inactive status via email approximately 7 to 10 business days after the request is received.  Insufficient hours of continuing education will not be accepted as rationale for requesting Inactive Status.  In addition, credential placed on Inactive Status are not eligible for reciprocity.


Eligibility for Inactive Status:

  1. Certified and in good standing
  2. Moving to another state but remaining active in the field
  3. Retired
  4. Pursuing academic coursework and not working in the field for the duration of such course work
  5. On extended military active duty
  6. Experiencing health problems
  7. Experiencing extenuating personal circumstances
  8. Leaving the field and choosing not to maintain certification via continuing education

Procedure for obtaining Inactive Status:

  1. Request “Inactive Status” in writing stating the specific reason(s) for the request.
  2. Submit documentation for eligibility.
  3. Pay a $100.00 fee

During the period of the Inactive Status, certified professionals are considered to be without MCB certification.  They cannot refer to themselves in writing or verbally as a certified professional, or use the credential(s) acronym behind their name.  Any use of the credential during Inactive Status could result in an ethical violation upon reactivation.

Procedure for reactivating a credential from Inactive Status:

  1. Submit a written request for reactivation to MCB
  2. Document fulfillment of education requirements per level of credential(s) previously held.  Only education accrued after the last date of active certification can be used.
  3. Submit payment of recertification fee per level of credential(s) previously held.

Reinstatement of Lapsed Credentials Policy

You need to submit to MCB your completed recertification application and annual renewal fee before the expiration date on your certificate.  If the recertification is not postmarked by the expiration date, the individual will no longer hold their credential and so may not represent themselves as such.  

If you wish to become recertified after your certificate has lapsed, you may be eligible for a reinstatement, which includes a reinstatement fee and bringing all renewal fees, continuing education, and other requirements up to date.  The following guidelines will be applied.

If you apply to reinstate your credential within 30 days of your missed recertification date, you will be assessed a $30 late fee.  You would also be responsible for any missed fees and continuing education requirements.

If you apply to reinstate your credential between 1 month to 1 year of your missed recertification date, you will be assessed a $100 reinstatement fee.  You would also be responsible for any missed fees, forms, and continuing education requirements.

If you apply to reinstate your credential between 1 year to 2 years of your missed recertification date, you will be assessed a $250 reinstatement fee.  You would also be responsible for any missed fees, forms, and continuing education requirements.

If your certification has lapsed for more than two years, your file will be closed, and you will not be eligible to reinstate your credential.  You would be required to apply for a new credential, meeting the current requirements for the credential at that time and paying the full certification fee for the new credential.  Upon approval/completion of these steps, you will be issued a new certificate number.

Codes of Ethical Conduct

At the time of certification, applicants must consent to adhering to the Code of Ethical Conduct for each credential they are pursuing.  A copy of the Code of Ethical conduct is included in the application packet for each credential.

At the time of recertification, certified professionals must verify that they:

  1. have thoroughly reviewed a current version of the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for each of their credentials
  2. have not violated the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for any credential during the current or any prior certification period
  3. will subscribe to and commit to professional conduct that meets the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for each respective credential they possess
  4. have and will continue to practice within the scope of all relevant statutes, rules, and standards relevant to their credential(s)

A copy of the current Code of Ethical Conduct for each category of credential has been provided on this page for convenience.

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