Approved Peer Training

The following organizations have been approved for 2021 as providers of the initial 46 hours of training required for the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Reciprocal (CPRSR) credentials offered by the Minnesota Certification Board. Each organization’s curriculum has been vetted to ensure alignment with the IC&RC peer recovery domain and relevant policies to ensure you receive a quality training experience.  The approved providers are listed in alphabetical order by the organization’s name.

Bold North Recovery and Consulting

Name of Curriculum: Recovery Coach Academy and Ethical Considerations

Contact: Randy Anderson


Phone: (763) 200 – 1180


Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

Name of Curriculum: CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and Ethical Considerations

Contact: Ben Stapp


Note: All requests for training should be emailed directly to Ben Stapp for now. Training opportunities are limited. 

Minnesota Recovery Connection

Name of Curriculum: Recovery Coach Academy

Contact: Caddy Frink


Phone: (612) 584 – 4158 ext. 116


Recovery Is Happening

Name of Curriculum: Peer Recovery Specialist Academy

Contact: Jenna Christensen


Phone: (507) 218 – 4773


Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc.

Name of Curriculum: Peer to Peer Recovery Development Academy

Contact: Marc L. Johnigan

Phone: (612) 866 – 2045