Minnesota Peer Recovery Continuing Education Series

Embracing Diversity: Understanding the Latino Culture for Improved SUD Prevention and Treatment

  • This 2-hour free continuing education on cultural competency training is one of a series that covers introductory information about several Minnesota cultures and the essential concepts and practices to promote cultural competence in substance use prevention and treatment. Funding for this training is made possible through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

  • Participants will explore an introduction to several cultures and learn about the importance of cultural competence, develop self-awareness, and learn prevention and treatment considerations in culturally competent practice. Peer Specialists who complete the recorded course, posttest, and evaluation will be awarded two (2) Minnesota Certification Board approved continuing education units and completion certificate.

Embracing Diversity: Understanding the Latino Culture for Improved SUD Prevention and Treatment (2 hours)
Speaker:  Carlos Morales

  • Historical and Societal Context: Dive deep into the roots of the Latino community, understanding the unique historical and societal influences that shape attitudes and perspectives towards substance use.
  • Cultural Values and Beliefs: Explore the core values, family dynamics, and spiritual beliefs of the Latino community, and how these elements can influence perceptions of substance use and its prevention.
  • Barriers and Bridges: Discuss the challenges faced by the Latino community in accessing substance use and prevention services and identify best practices to bridge these gaps.
  • Communication Strategies:  Learn effective techniques for respectful and culturally sensitive communication, ensuring trust and understanding in therapeutic settings.

Evaluation, Posttest and Certification of Completion

  • Participants must view the full 2 hours of the recorded training. At the end of the training session, participants must complete an evaluation, and take a posttest quiz scoring 80% or greater to be awarded 2 hours of continuing education unit (CEU).
  • A certificate of completion will be emailed to participants upon completion of the evaluation and posttest.

Price: Free

Once a participant has registered for the training session, they will be sent an email providing the links to the pre-recorded training session, evaluation, and posttest.