COVID-19 Update

All testing centers within the United States and Canada have closed for a period of 30 days, starting on March 17, 2020 through April 16, 2020.

This is how the change will affect you:

  • All candidate exam sessions scheduled between March 18 and April 16 have been cancelled.
  • Candidates can currently schedule into any open sessions after April 16th.

Although testing at our site has been temporarily suspended, we encourage you to continue to submit your application for processing.  Application processing will continue throughout this time and you will be able to schedule your exam into any open session after April 16th.

As further developments occur we will keep you updated. 

Reciprocity Process

RECIPROCITY INTO MCB: Minnesota Certification Board (MCB)  provides certified testing for Drug and Alcohol, Prevention, Criminial Justice, Supervisors, and Co-Occurring Disorder Counselors throughout the state of Minnesota.

Addiction professionals certified by an IC&RC member board who relocate to Minnesota may transfer their credentials to MCB using the reciprocity process.  No additional requirements will have to be met by the certified professional using this process to transfer their credentials to Minnesota.

To begin the reciprocity process, the certified professional must contact their current credentialing board and request a reciprocity application. The professional will submit the reciprocity application to their original certification board for approval.  Once approved, the application will be forwarded to the IC&RC for a final review.  Once approved by IC&RC, the reciprocity request and approval will be forwarded to MCB.  MCB will then issue the certified professional the equivalent credential offered by MCB. 

This transfer to MCB does not constitute a right to work. For instance, Minnesota has a mandatory state licensing requirement to practice as an alcohol and drug counselor. Please contact the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT) for more information. 

The MCB is only able to accept credenitals that are offered by other IC&RC members at the reciprocal level.



Professionals certified by MCB who relocate to another state, country, or nation may transfer their credential to the new jurisdiction using the reciprocity process only if the new jurisdiction is an IC&RC member board. Reciprocity to a non-IC&RC member board is not permitted. 

Additional requirements may be imposed upon the certified addiction professional depending on the laws and regulations governing the practice of addiction related services in the new jurisdiction.  Therefore, certified professionals are strongly encouraged to contact the IC&RC member board in the new jurisdiction to determine if any additional requirements must be met.

To begin the reciprocity process, certified professionals must contact MCB and request a reciprocity application. Upon completion of the reciprocity application by both the certified professional and MCB, the reciprocity request will be forwarded to IC&RC for processing.  Upon receipt of this information by the certification board in the new jurisdiction, the board will issue the certified professional the equivalent credential offered by their original board unless laws and regulations in the new jurisdiction require additional requirements to be met.