Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professionals

Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional Reciprocal – CCJPR


Drug offenders account for significant growth in the prison population. Addiction counseling with individuals in the criminal justice system is complex and complicated, and it requires specialized training. Competency in treating substance use and other mental disorders alone does not sufficiently prepare professionals for dealing with the interaction of addictive and criminal thinking.

In addition to addiction counseling skills and theoretical understanding, Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professionals (CCJP) need an understanding of the criminal justice system and criminal thought patterns. The CCJP credential requires professionals to demonstrate competency through experience, education, supervision, and the passing of a rigorous examination.

This credential is recognized as the gold standard for competency in the field and has been endorsed by the International Community Corrections Association (ICCA). The International Community Corrections Association (ICCA), a membership organization dedicated to promoting community-based corrections for adults and juveniles and enhancing public safety, endorsed IC&RC’s Criminal Justice Addictions Professional credential in March 2010.

The CCJPR is a reciprocal level certification. The reciprocity that is available is with other IC&RC member boards who hold this certification. This certification is for individuals who have education, experience and supervision in both areas of alcohol and drug addiction and criminal justice. This certification is valuable especially for those who are pursuing a career where both of these areas of expertise are needed.

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