COVID-19 Update

All testing centers within the United States and Canada have closed for a period of 30 days, starting on March 17, 2020 through April 16, 2020.

This is how the change will affect you:

  • All candidate exam sessions scheduled between March 18 and April 16 have been cancelled.
  • Candidates can currently schedule into any open sessions after April 16th.

Although testing at our site has been temporarily suspended, we encourage you to continue to submit your application for processing.  Application processing will continue throughout this time and you will be able to schedule your exam into any open session after April 16th.

As further developments occur we will keep you updated. 

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Alcohol and drug counselors provide counseling for people who experiece addiction as well as other related behavioral problems. They provide treatment and support to help the client recover from addiction or modify problem behaviors. 

Alcohol and drug counselors, also called substance abuse counselors, chemical dependency counselors, and addiction counselors, work with clients both one-on-one and in group settings.  Many incorporate the principles of Twelve Step Facilitation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and other evidence-based practices to guide their practice. They teach clients how to manage their addiction and provide them with strategies to help with their recovery.

Furthermore, they help clients rebuild professional relationships and, if necessary, reestablish their career. They also help clients to improve their personal relationships and find ways to discuss their addiction or other problems with family and friends.


IMPORTANT NOTICE for candidates applying for the Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) credential through the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT)

The IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam, taken in any of the following options, is accepted by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT) to meet the state's exam requirement in application for the Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) credential.  Application for the LADC credential is a separate process, and forms are available through the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT). Please note that the LADC credential does not have IC&RC reciprocity. 


IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam (Exam Only)


This option allows you to take the counselor exam without applying for certification. There are no prerequisites to use the exam only option.  If you use this option and wish to apply for certification at a future time, the full application for counselor certification will need to be completed and additional fees will be due.

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Alcohol and Drug Counselor - Minnesota (ADC-MN)


The ADC-MN is a state-level non-reciprocal credential.  This entry-level credential requires completion of the IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor Exam, education, supervised practical experience.  While this is a non-reciprocal credential, it may be upgraded to a reciprocal ADCR-MN credential with specific experience in the field.

Read more about the Alcohol & Drug Counselor - Minnesota (ADC-MN)


Alcohol & Drug Counselor Reciprocal - Minnesota (ADCR-MN)


The ADRC-MN is a reciprocal level credential with the IC&RC.  This means that you may transfer the credential to other IC&RC states that offer this credential. The requirements for the ADCR-MN credential are the same as the BCC credential, except an additional 6000 hours of work experience in the alcohol and drug counseling field are required.

Experiences that can meet the 6000 hours for the ADCR-MN requirement are:

  • Paid or volunteer work in the alcohol and drug field as a counselor
  • 880 hours of Internship work
  • 1,000 hours credit for an AA degree in behavioral health
  • 2,000 hours credit for a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral science
  • 4,000 hours credit for a Master’s degree in behavioral science


Read more about Alcohol & Drug Counselor Reciprocal (ADCR-MN)


Upgrading from the ADC-MN to the ADCR-MN


You can either initially apply for the ADC-MN, keep the ADC-MN active, and upgrade when you have acquired 6000 hours of experience OR if you have the 6000 hours at the time of application, you can apply immediately for the ADCR-MN.  If you wish to upgrade from the ADC-MN to the ADCR-MN, you must use the upgrade form provided below.  The cost to upgrade from the ADC-MN to the ADCR-MN is $50.